Food and Wine holidays

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Food and Wine holidays


Hospitality is a byword in Cyprus and Kopiaste in Greek means, “Come and enjoy our hospitality”. Where better to try some local specialities than in rural Cyprus?

Much of the food eaten daily - olives, almonds, figs, beans, chickpeas, dates, bitter herbs and honey – was known in Biblical times. It is said that carobs are the ‘husks’ from the parable of the prodigal son and the ‘locusts’ eaten by John the Baptist in the wilderness. The traditional Cypriot diet is a healthy one based on vegetables, salad, pulses, bread, fruit, olive oil and small quantities of meat.

Everything is freshly and the salad is often picked straight from the garden. Even Cypriot fast food is healthy. Try an envelope of pitta bread filled with char-grilled souvlakia meat and salad; add a dash of salt and lemon juice and enjoy it with a local winery. In many of our traditional lodgings and small hotels in the villages described in this website you can taste Cyprus traditional food directly from the local producers.