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Geographical Locations : Cyprus : Pafos (District)

To the northeast of Pafos, some 13 km away, is Kallepeia, built at 500m above sea level. The village of Kallepeia is so well known for its beauty, that its name actually derives from the Greek word of the same meaning.
Today Kallepeia preserves many of its old, authentic features such as the stone built houses with the large courtyards, the great number of pitchers, clay pots and earthenware jars, the stone built wine-press, the abundance of marble rocks (of the area) most impressively seen on the Monastery of the Holy Cross which is built entirely out of marble. Of great importance is also the old church of Ayios Georgios.
The surrounding area is overgrown with rich vegetation, plantations and vineyards and lends itself to beautiful walks.

This location is under Pafos (District)




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