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Geographical Locations : Cyprus : Larnaka (District)
Agioi Vavatsinias

In the West site of Zinon Town- Larnaka is situated the village Vavatsinia. Vavatsinia is gradually being discovered by Larnacans who acquire summer cottages where they can escape for a few days in the summer or for weekends during the brief hunting season (mainly for the shooting of hare and partridges). Vavatsinia is famous for the production of the wine and silk. The villagers also work on agriculture and are very concetrated with the production of the traditional local drink called 'Zivania'. The village is very near to the Neolithic settlement of Khirokitia. The Neolithic settlement of Khirokitia was discovered in 1934 and was excavated by Dr. Porphyrios Dikaios between 1936 and 1946. The site has since been the subject of many further investigations by the Department of Antiquities as well as by some French missions. Much has been unearthed and implements and utensils from the circular dwellings of the early Cypriots are exhibited in the Cyprus Museum....
The Monastery of Saint Minas, the Machairas Monastery and the Panayia of Glossas are all
a short drive from the village.
This village has much more to give you since the whole location up to mountains which is 900 m
is full of things to do and see and have a taste of the local food and wine from those who produce it.

This location is under Larnaka (District)




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