November 2018

Zivania Festival - Alona village square 4/11, Pelendri village 11/11 - Troodos

4 November 2018 - 11 November 2018

Zivania is a traditional alcoholic beverage made in Cyprus. Is a distillate produced from pomace (or marcs), residue of grapes.
Zivania has been produced in Cyprus since the time the Republic of Venice ruled the island, around the end of the 14th c…

Oktober 2018

Apple Festival - Kyperounta - Troodos Mountains

13 Oktober 2018 - 14 Oktober 2018

In the scenic community of Kyperounta, on the beautiful mountains of the island, an apple festival is hosted every year.

Residents make Cypriot dishes of apple, since Kyperounta produces most of the apples on the island. During the festival visit…