Adonis trail - Circular

STARTING POINT: 400m before the Baths of Aphrodite

LENGTH: 7,5km
DURATION:3 - 4 hours
This trail offers beautiful views of Polis Chrysochous, the Paphos Forest and the Akamas peninsula. The path runs past Pyrgos tis Rigainas(Queen’s Tower) and connects with the Smigies trail at Kefalovrysia, where there’s a fountain of non-potable water, and with the Aphrodite trail at Pyrgo tis Rigainas. Another point worth mentioning is a 500-year-old oak tree, which is located near the ruins of the tower. To return full circle, the trail follows the main road that connects the Baths of Aphrodite with Polis for about 400 metres. At the starting point of the trail you can visit the Botanical Gardens of Akamas.