Discover the hidden Cyprus

Discover the hidden Cyprus

This is a world apart from the tourist hotspots. Here, timeless villages, tiny remote painted churches, stunning scenery, orested mountain trails and a way of life that has hardly changed over the past centuries, are just waiting to be discovered. The island of Cyprus may be small but it has literally hundreds of villages, many of which are no more that a handful of houses clustered around a church, and a coffee-shop that also serves as the village store, post office and general meeting place. In the more remote parts of the island, these villages have remained virtually unchanged and although motorised transport has made them more accessible, their older inhabitants still cling to the traditional lifestyle which basically revolves around the seasons of planting and harvesting. The Cyprus hinterland is a great place for botanists, artists, bird watchers, hikers, ramblers, anglers, cyclists, photographers and geologists. The greatest wealth of any country is its people and whatever your interest or wherever you travel in Cyprus you can always be sure of receiving the warmest of welcomes.

Nature Trails

Discover the beauty of Cyprus on foot

Bike and discover

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Wine Routes

A journey into the magnificent inland landscape along with the pleasure of locally produced wines.