The picturesque village of Droushia with its traditional architecture, narrow streets, small coffee shops, museums and Byzantine churches largely preserves the genuine traditional community unaffected by modern day civilization. With 386 inhabitants, the village stands 600 meters above sea level in a unique island region, which is rich in natural wellness right at the outskirts of the famous Akamas peninsula. The village, situated at the Laona plateau and only 27 km from the town of Paphos and 10 km from Polis, is a lovely location with stunning seaside and mountain views. Due to its altitude, a cool breeze coming from the Akamas Peninsula refreshes the village. In fact, one legend suggests that the village derives its name from the Greek word “Drosia” meaning “cool and fresh”. If you are wondering what to do during your stay, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of sites and attractions to visit.

Activities & Places of Interest
Visit the Monastery of Saint George Nikoxilitis and Saint Epiphanios church, the Weaving Museum, Discover the delicious minimally processed goat’s-milk dairy products from the family owned creamery located at the heart of the village, visit Akamas Peninsula, hike in the area’s Nature trails ( ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Adonis’ , ‘ Smigies’ and ‘Avakas Gorge’ trails), Mountain Bike, Bird Watching, the Droushia open-air theatre, overlooking the view of Polis bay, hosts numerous events during the summer months.

2 coffee shops, 2 supermarkets, traditional tavern

Larnaca Airport - 158km
Paphos Airport - 35.6km
Droshia Traditional Homes