Flassou is a small village in the area Solia in Nicosia. It is situated around 3 kilometers northwest of Evrichou. The small community of Flassou is built in the valley of the river Karkotis in an average altitude of 330 meters.
The community has two main neighborhoods: the Pano (above) Flassou and the Kato (below) Flasou. Turkish-Cypriots used to live in Pano Flassou and Greek-Cypriots in Kato Flassou. The whole area is about 494 hectares.

The average annual rainfall is 375 mm. The main cultivations are citrus fruits, vegetables (mainly potatoes and peas), olive trees, cereals, forage plants, legumes and almond trees.

A road on the northwest of the village unites Flassou with Linou (1kilometer) and another road on the southeast unites it with Evrychou (around 3 kilometers).