Kamanterena Winery

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Kamanterena Winery
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In 1947, a team of forward looking Vine Growers decided to organize their grapes production, relieving themselves from the insecurities of the troubled times on the Island, and created the great wine Co-operative, SODAP, that united about 10,000 families, from 144 vine growing villages.

From the beginning SODAP was supported by the whole Vine Growing Community, as it has played the role of the Stabilizing factor in the Wine Sector. SODAP owns and operates its KAMANTERENA Winery situated right in the middle of the main vine producing areas of Cyprus Mountains, between the villages of Stroumbi and Polemi.

KAMANTERENA Winery at Stroumbi, is one of the most complete and modern wineries in the world, equipped with machinery of the latest technology which the expertise and know how of our Oenologists, produce excellent quality wines, as well as Regional Wines, of the Paphos Region.

Since its beginning (1997), the project of the Island Vines / Mountain Vines has established SODAP’s name of quality in international competitions, such as the International Wine Challenge Competition, held in London, winning metals and seals of approval, consistently year after year, and it became the basis of SODAP’s metamorphosis to a Quality Winery.

Visiting the winery

Visit the Kamanterena Winery in the heart of the Paphos Vineyards, between the villages of Stroumbi and Polemi, and taste ALL of our Wines.

The Tasting Room is open Weekdays, between the hours of 8:30am and 15:00pm. Weekends and other hours only by appointment.