The Rose Factory

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The Rose Factory
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For 70 years, on the slopes of the Agros village, Tsolakis family has been cultivating its own rose bushes. Not any kind of rose, but those Cypriots call “fragrant” and sometimes “wild”.

The Damask Rose or “Rosa Damascena” as is the name of the plant, for almost 100 years is synonymous with Agros. About a century ago, the teacher of the area, Nearchos Clerides, saw in the bushes of the rose that grew in the region a new industry and perhaps a new income for the locals. On his initiative, he created a nursery and has given students the necessary knowledge for the cultivation of the plant.

Starting with some rose bushes, the knowledge from his teacher, a cauldron and lots of passion, Nicodemus Tsolakis, in 1948 had stepped his foot into the domestic market with his most renowned Agros rosewater. The job was hard, but it was worth it: his rosewater managed to get as far as Melbourne, Australia, on the other side of the world.

Today, almost 70 years and two generations later, many things have changed. In THE ROSE FACTORY, as we call our place nowadays, we have putted next to our traditional product a plethora of other  Rosa Damascena derivatives such as chocolates, aromatic candles, Agros organic rosewater and Agros organic rose tea, liqueur, jam etc. With help from the technology and the expertise we have gained, we can now distill the precious essential oil of roses. As we have wanted to exploit the known since ancient times beneficial effects of the rose essential oil, we stepped, slowly and carefully, into the cosmetic industry with the certified organic line Venus Rose Cosmetics.

What has not changed is the passion for exploration and creation. Thanks to this, we have associated the rose with another typical product of our region, the grape, and we have developed spirits “grafted” with roses. And of course, we continually strive to enrich our production with new creations, driven by our seventy year of experience and our creativity.
So, we invite you to indulge in the magic of roses and their gifts …