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Santa Irene Winery
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Santa Irene winery is the fulfilment of a man's dream. Daniel Anastasis left his beloved village Farmakas, as a young man heading first to Australia and then to South Africa where he made a life with his wife Theoni and their children. Having enjoyed success in South Africa, Daniel and Theoni returned to the calm of Farmakas village; where Daniel was born and raised. With his unmistakable passion for food and business, Daniel envisioned a high-end Winery and restaurant in the village, surrounded by the very vines that produce the wine.  
Santa Irene Winery was established in 2015 and encompasses 200 hectares of vineyards. In these traditional vineyards, the local 'Mavro ampelisimo' grape variety dominates, while the local Xynisteri variety is found in smaller vineyards.

The passion of Santa Irene Winery has been to revive the neglected and undervalued traditional Cypriot variety grape, Mavro Ampelisimo, as well as to regenerate and preserve the traditional vineyards of the Farmakas area, which is part of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

The beauty of the wild countryside is breath-taking and awe-inspiring. Farmakas is considered the 10th highest village in Cyprus at an altitude of 950-1000m. The vineyards are perched precariously on the mountain slopes above the village; easily amongst the tallest and oldest in Cyprus. Some vines are found at altitudes of 1350m while their 150-year-old roots hold on by burrowing deep into the slopes of the earth.
On the Pisilia mountains the vineyards have aged well, the unique combination of age, altitude and mineral-rich soil together with traditional winemaking and vineyard growing techniques result in quality wines of distinctive character and complexity.

At Santa Irene Winery, we use tradition and science in the winemaking process, local winemakers and distillers share their knowledge. A combination of age, altitude, soil composition and experimentation has resulted in the unique and wonderful wines at Santa Irene Winery.

Ierambelos Fusion Cuisine is located within Santa Irene Winery, making it an excellent choice for a family outing or weekend excursion. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and vineyards while enjoying warm hospitality, fine dining and the opportunity to taste our excellent variety of award-winning wines.
Our wines available at select wine shops and major supermarkets can also be purchased onsite.

Wine Tasting and Winery Tours (Duration: 30-45min)
Open Thurs – Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, for wine tasting and tours. Includes Public Holidays
Enjoy a meal at our restaurant Ierambelos Fusion Cuisine, and you will have the opportunity to visit the winery and enjoy the wine tasting for FREE. You will learn about the current and traditional Cypriot winemaking process and see how Zivania is made.
Small groups visiting the winery only are charged a cover charge, with an option to enjoy a cheese platter.
Booking is essential; please call 22515515 or 99299990   

Ambeli Safari – Vineyard tours (Duration: approximately 2 hours)

Experience the taste of tradition and elegance. Enjoy scenic routes and explore the centenary vineyards of the Farmakas Mountains in a private 4x4 vehicle. An excellent opportunity to get an understanding of the viticulture and history of the region.Booking is essential: please call in advance 22515515 or 99299990

Sip on delicious a delicious rose, white or red while learning the unique characteristics of each, note how the production process affects flavour notes and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at our restaurant.
Ierambelos Fusion Cuisine overlooks the vineyards and mountainous landscape and if you're lucky enough get the chance to meet Theoni Anastasis who will tell you about the story of  ‘Koimomeni tou Halepa' which forms a magnificent view from the restaurants' balcony


Should you wish to spend more time in the area to experience rural culture, history, gastronomy, wine and more, book your stay in Farmakas Living (our Agrotourism units) located in the centre of the village.

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