Kalavasos is an ideal traditional village setting for holidays to Cyprus, where visitors can explore this beautiful island,including the many archaeological sites nearby, whilst enjoying the traditional Cypriot lifestyle. Kalavasos is included in the Vasilikos - Pentaschoinos watering project and has benefited from the construction of the Kalavasos dam and the irrigation of significant tracts of land.
Centrally located, approximately mid-way between Larnaka and Limassol and not far from the sea, this is the ideal place to combine exploring the country with relaxation on the beach. The name Kalavasos originates from the ancient Greek word 'vassa' which means woody valley and the village dates back to medieval times.The village was once a thronging copper mining area and the remains of the mines and trains can still be seen. The Kalavasos region, privileged in many respects, mainly because of the Vasilikos river that secured irrigation and watering and also because of its metal-bearing deposits, was densely populated since ancient times. Today the region is a very significant archaeological site. The "Tenta" settlement -as well as the other settlements discovered in the region -present a special interest.
Today the village is an idyllic setting where you can experience the real heart and soul of Cyprus and maybe while away an hour or two over a coffee in the village square, with locals who are always welcoming and willing to sit and chat to you.The Cyprus Villages office in Tochni (5km from Kalavasos) offers a wide range of activities for those of you who want to discover the real life of the area.

Visit the church of Panayia Theotokos and the chapels of Archaggelos Michael,Saint George, Agios Nektarios, Zoodochos Pigi and Panayia Lamproforousa, visit the old Mosque, see the relics of the old mine and the archeological settlement of Tenta, visit the water dam

coffee shops, taverns, community stadium, park, Bank, Kiosk, Souvenir Shops, Pharmacy, Bakery, Petrol Station, Medical Services

Larnaca Airport - 42.7 km
Paphos Airport - 91 km