Vouni, a picturesque wine village with cobbly alleys, traditional houses with wooden doors, large windows, narrow balconies and inside yards, attracts both locals and foreigners with its rich architectural heritage, who see it as an outdoor museum of the life and culture of the most recent centuries.
It is located in the wine villages of the Lemesos District, on an altitude of 800 metres above sea level. The village spreads on a slope with a southern gradient. The village’s landscape is “impressive with its high peaks reaching a height of 1153 metres at the location ‘Moutti tou Afami’, north of the settlement, and the beds of the rivers ‘Chapotami’ in the west and ‘Kryos Potamos’ in the east”.
The naming of the village is linked to its location. According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, the village was named ‘Vouni’, “which means “low mountain”, due to the location where it is built.

Activities and Places of Interest
Visit the Churches of Timios Prodromos and Panayia Peravouniotissa, the chapels of Chrisosotiros, Saint Ioannis Rossos and Saint Mamas and the Monastery of Resurrection. Visit Vouni- Wine & Culinary Center to learn about the History of Wine in Cyprus. Visit the byzantine and folk art museum and the old olive mill. Follow the wine route no. 4 - Wine villages - Limassol. Walk in the narrow streets to admire the local architecture and in the designated paths of nature in the area.

grocery store, taverns, coffee shops

Larnaka airport 104 km
Pafos airport 60 km