Agios Ambrosios

Agios Ambrosios
Agios Ambrosios is situated on the north-west side of Limassol, just 27 kilometers away. The village is known for its wine culture due to its ecological winery which produces high quality wines. The stone wall houses situated at the edge of the hilly expanse and the vineyards surrounded all over the area illustrates the uniqueness and beauty of the village. Agios Ambrosios is considered as one of “The Limassol Wine Villages” and its known all over Europe.

A remarkable geomorphologic phenomenon, which is associated with the region of Agios Amvrosios, is the "capture" of waters from the Paramali river by the river Kryos that is a tributary of the Kouris river. Whilst the river Kouris descends from Troodos following an almost straight southwestern direction, appearing to be a continuance of the Paramali river, precisely north of Agios Ambrosios it makes a 90? turn to the east and joins with the river Kouris. Between the turn and the upper part of the river Paramali there are all the evidence proving that -indeed -it is in this area that the "capture" of the waters from the Paramali river took place. It is one of the very few classic examples of a "river capture" that we have in Cyprus.

One of the main sights that the visitor can see in the village is the church of Saint Ambrosios, created in the 14th century, as well as the chapel of Saint Elisabeth with the Byzantine frescos and also the chapel of Saint George, created in the 11th century.

A visitor coming to the village can find freshness and rest under the large mulberry that stands in the village square and at the same time enjoy his/her coffee or beer in the coffeehouses thereabout. A visit to Zambartas winery is a must to taste the local indigenous grape variaties.