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Matthias Bike Corner Cyprus
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In November 2015 was my first vacation on Cyprus to explore the island by bike. There were some ideas where to go for a cycling vacation. For sure the German Mekka for cycling…Mallorca… but as well Cyprus.  Because of a report in “Cycle stories of Rose” about cycling at Cyprus the decision of me and my wife was to go to Cyprus in November.

Main reasons: Temperature about 25°C and stable conditions, water temperature about 24°C, less traffic, friendly people, fresh and good food. Payment with Euro

That was the description in the report…..

We came, came again and since September 2020 we are living in the small village Kalavasos, district Larnaka. In October 2021 I opened my own bike rental shop.

Cyprus is a growing cyclist community as well with a plenty of clubs. It is not unusual that cycling groups with 10-20 biker are passing my home which is on the direction to Asgata-Kellaki. The door to the mountains how I like to pronounce. That is one of a lot of reasons why we have chosen Kalavasos to settle down. The direct way to the mountains and as well only a short way to the coastal road or the old federal road in all directions.

There were for sure a plenty and different reasons for us to move to Cyprus. Mediterranean lifestyle,  weather conditions, nice and friendly people etc. Another reason was the opportunity to switch the hobby to a profession. To enjoy the fantastic landscapes and to explore new routes on Race or Mountain Bike is a gift. A gift to share it with friends or with customers when guiding them. To share the feeling of freedom and to bring happiness to people who are doing sportive vacation is indeed a circumstance that brings more and more happiness to myself. Till now I have not regret the decision even it was risky in a time it´s hard to plan things.

A highlight now is my cooperation with the organization of L´ Etape Cyprus. I´m looking forward for this race. Like usual the goal is to finish but the pulse is starting to go up and hopefully the race will have a big success and will be established in Cyprus.

Hope to see you here in Kalavasos.


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