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Niki's Sweets
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Niki Agathokleous Ltd is a traditional sweets company that has been following the traditional recipes made with love for thirty five years.

 All the products are produced with care and love using only pure fruits and excellent quality materials. Some of the traditional products of Niki Agathocleous Ltd are spoon sweets, marmalade, soutziouko, carob syrup, grape syrup, sweets and jam with no sugar made especially for diabetics, as well as a variety of other traditional products which are biological.

The company is located in Agros, a village situated near the TroodosMountains, at an altitude of 1100m. Agros village developed many small traditional businesses throughout the years maintaining at the same time its traditional character and therefore attracting many tourists all year round.      

The company complies with European standards and is certified with ISO 22000 standards.

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