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Oros Maxaira
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We are a bee-keeping family. Since 1983, we have been working professionally in the bee-keeping sector. Over all these years, thanks to our hard work and a love of bees, we have managed to build strong relationships with our customers, founded on trust. We take a responsible approach to the entire process of making honey from the hive to consumers, meaning we can ensure the high quality and authenticity of our honey.

The story of Oros Machaira honey dates back to 1983. Michalis Filippou began bee-keeping along with his brother-in-law, Kostas Himonas, with five hives given to him by Kostas’ father. For around 30 years they worked hard with these simple values in mind: love for nature, bees and their produce.

Having raised their children, they decided that it would be better for the entire family for the partners to go their separate ways. So today Michalis Filippou’s sons run the company, which makes a comprehensive range of bee products, packaging and marketing them under the “Oros Machaira” brand name.


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