The village of Arsos is one of the biggest wine producing villages in Cyprus. It lies 40 kilometres from Limassol and 45 kilometres from Paphos. It is built on the slopes of Laona mountain, 1092 metres above sea level, with an open horizon on the Valley of the Diarizos River, as far as the sea of Paphos. Thanks to this geographical position, it enjoys a wonderful cool and dry climate in summer and attracts therefore hundreds of holidaymakers.
Arsos wine, famous since antiquity, was considered one of the best produced on the island, a reputation continuing to this day. In fact, wine making is still one of the villagers' main occupation.
Arsos acquired its name in the French Lusignian era when it was called Tarcce. Apart from the natural beauties of the village itself, today's visitor will be enchanted by the rich and attractive scenery surrounding it.
The village housewives are famous for their cooking prowess especially in preparing such typical Cypriot dishes made from wine as "palouzes", "epsima", biscuits with "epsima", "paste", "shoudzioukos", "kiofterka", "arkatena", *"kattimerka", "glyko" and many others.

Visit the churches of 13 century Apostole Filippos, the chapel of Ayia Mariamni and the icon museum, the Folk art museum, Hike in the area’s Nature trails ( ‘Six Fountains’ trails) , follow the Wine Routes no. 3 (Diarizos Valley - Pafos Region) and no. 4 (Wine villages - Limassol), visit Nikolettino winery in the village and shop 'Kallena' to taste and buy a variety of organic herbs, wines etc. Visit the waterfalls of Trozena at 6 km away and the river in Tzelefos bridge

Multi-Centre, Tavern, coffee shops, Bank, Local traditional product shops, Park,

Larnaca Airport - 106 km
Paphos Airport - 61.8 km