Kalopanagiotis is one of the most interesting mountain resorts in Cyprus. It is located in the Marathasa Valley on the Troodos range at an altitude of 700 meters. Its history dates back to pre-Christian period. The recorded founding of the village was in the 11th century, its name being derived from the first resident of the village ('kalos panagiotis'' means "good Panagiotis" in English). The Lampadistis Monastery – UNESCO heritage site - is the main pole of attraction. The village is famous for the sulphur springs which can be found at the banks of river Setrachos next to the Venetian bridge. The healing properties of the waters were known since antiquity. The whole area was part of the ancient Kingdom of Soli whose kings used the area as their wellness resort combining it with their hunting outings. In the area there was a spa dedicated to the god Asclepius, the ancient god of healing and was situated on the same spot where the Saint John Lampadistis Monastery stands today. The spa waters have been used throughout the ages to this day for their healing properties.

Kalopanagiotis has been awarded EDEN "Tourism and Regeneration of Physical Sites" national destination 2011.
In recent years, the local authorities with the support of the Government and the European Union have initiated several regeneration projects in order to revive the village. For example an old school next to the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis has been renovated and transformed into a museum with an impressive collection of Byzantine art, ecclesiastical artefacts and antiques. The house of National Martyr Lavrentios is another example of sustainable regeneration at its best. This glorious building has been restored and converted into a cultural and conference centre for the community. Also a number of houses have been renovated into agri-tourism accommodation. For the local authorities, it was also important that the village regained its reputation as a great therapeutic center with healing springs. Today, the ancient spa village of Kalopanayiotis is a regenerated destination, ready to welcome guests from Cyprus and beyond. It is a place that combines sightseeing, nature, health and tradition, in a truly beautiful way.

Activities and Places of Interest
Enjoy a walk through the nature trail which leads to Kykkos Water Mill, a monument of 17th century which was recently renovated, go for ski in Troodos mountains, cycling, go for lunch in the picnic areas. Visit Saint John Lampadistis Monastery – UNESCO heritage site, the icon museum housing priceless Byzantine treasures and the other 6 charming chapels dotted aroung the village. Other points of interest are the sulphur springs, the water mills, the evergreen valley. Ride a mountain bike or quad-bike along the forest trails. Go for a relaxing experience in the "Myrianthousa Spa' center. Visit "Kykkos Monastery" just a few minutes drive from the village. Try soutzoukos, a local sweet made from grapes and almonds. Several shops in Kalopanayiotis sell this local delicacy. Visit the trout farm next to the Kalopanayiotis dam, where fishing is permitted.

Coffee shops, restaurants/taverns, banks, mini market, wine bar, library, Lavrentios conference centre, spa center, community swimming pool, 2 traditional products workshops

Larnaka airport 112 km
Pafos airport 75 km