Lympia is actually perfectly located between Larnaca and Nicosia. Staying in Lympia, means you are super close to Nicosia, with its historical sights and classy restaurants, and Larnaca too, with the LCA airport, the beach, and its beautiful villages!
-30 km from Nicosia
-Only 25 km from Larnaca Airport
-A short 35km from the gorgeous villages of Lefkara and Kato Dris
-Such a colorful village with plenty of character and color
-Cheaper accommodation than Nicosia!
What to See and Do in Lympia

Lympia village has recently had its 15 minutes of fame for its beautiful ”love steps” – a set of colorfully painted steps at the entrance of the village.

But hear me out, because I have a question for you! How many of you, have visited the ‘’ Love steps in Lympia, and left, before exploring the village? If you are one of these people, then keep reading!

In the village, they are planting trees and vegetable gardens, adding street art and splashes of color, and revamping old traditional houses!

At the same time, we find fresh halloumi and anari cheese, stone-built guesthouses, and colorful cobbled streets full of flowers in full bloom.

To top it all off, there is excellent Cyprus brunch, olive picking experiences, and many more. So come with me, and let’s take a walk together! Explore the street Art on the streets of Lympia

Look how gorgeous all this street art is! I totally didnt expect to find such excellent pieces on the streets in Lympia – it reminded me of walking the streets of Instabul! You will no doubt want to enjoy a walk and take in the work that was put in to these pieces of art!

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The Very Best Things To Do In Lympia and Skarinou Villages In Cyprus
by Tia May 8, 2021

Welcome to Lympia, Skarinou, and Ayios Theodoros villages. Together, we will discover street art, incredible food, adorable donkeys, and breathtaking nature and hiking spots.

When I first took on my travel show Tia Does Agrotourism, I thought I knew Cyprus. But noooo. not really. Although local, how many of you truly know your country off by heart?
me on Dipotamos dam in Cyprus

My birthplace, the insanely beautiful island of Cyprus, held so many hidden treasures deep within it, and the minute I started touring it, I realized that all these years…well I hadn’t even scratched the surface!

Stick with me, while I peel off yet another layer of Cyprus, and hand it to you on a beautiful Greek plate.
me feeding a donkey in Skarinou, a village close to Lympia in Cyprus

Table of Contents [hide]

1 Why you should visit Lympia
2 What to See and Do in Lympia
2.0.1 Explore the street Art on the streets of Lympia
2.0.2 Happy snapping at ”The Love Stairs” aka Τα Σκαλιά της Αγάπης
2.0.3 Buy The Best Halloumi Cheese at P. A. Irakleous Ltd.
2.0.4 Souvenir Shopping at Panos Atelier
2.0.5 Wood carvings?
2.0.6 Lympia Dam
3 Where to stay in Lympia
3.0.1 Olympia
4 Where to Eat In Lympia
4.0.1 Sunday Brunch at Olympia Traditional House
4.0.2 Lunch – Peiragmena Restaurant
5 Skarinou Village
5.1 Top Sights in Skarinou
5.1.1 Golden Donkeys Farm
5.1.2 Dipotamos Reservoir
5.1.3 Panagia Odigitria
6 Agios Theodoros Village
6.1 Akakia Beach
6.2 Local Market of Larnaca Producers
6.3 Have a Picnic at the Orchard of the village
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