Terms of services

BOOKING TERMS OF CYPRUS AGROTOURISM COMPANY PAYMENT * Cyprus Agrotourism Company will respond shortly to your request. A deposit of 13% will be reserved until the booking is confirmed. If the booking is not confirmed the deposit will be released. The remainder is payable once you have arrived at the property. * CYPRUS AGROTOURISM COMPANY HAS THE RIGHT TO CHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT IN CASE OF CANCELLATION. * THE PROPERTY OWNERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHARGE PREPAYMENTS ACCORDING TO THE BOOKING TERMS OF THEIR PROPERTY AFTER COMMUNICATING WITH YOU. *JCC Payments If you select the option to pay via JCC we will use the JCC Token System. The Token System is a safe way for us to keep card details without actually storing them. JCC store and convert your sensitive payment information into a secure token or "alias". This token is then used by us to process future transactions (i.e. cancellation fees) as and when required, without asking for your card details each time. It is your responsibility to inform us of any change of address or other relevant details such as payment card details. * All prices mentioned are in euros, unless otherwise stated and are accurate at the time of reservation and will not be altered to you after confirmation of the booking has been received. Cyprus Agrotourism Company, reserves the right to increase or decrease published prices at any time. CANCELLATION POLICY *DEPOSIT (13%) IS REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF CANCELLATION. If you need to cancel a confirmed booking, you must contact us by e-mail to [email protected] or call +35722340071. The cancellation charges are based on each Property booking cancellation policy publiched in www.agrotourism.com.cy website. The cancellation is effective when your notification is received by us: * CYPRUS AGROTOURISM COMPANY HAS THE RIGHT TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD 100% CANCELLATION FEES IN CASE OF NO SHOW. * CANCELLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO THE SPECIFIC CANCELLATION POLICY OF EACH PROPERTY * CANCELLATION CHARGES CAN ONLY BE APPLY BY CYRPUS AGROTOURISM COMPANY ACCOMMODATION *We accept responsibility to provide the accommodation as described on our website, but shall not be liable in circumstances where we are prevented from providing the accommodation because of events outside our control, such as flood, fire, adverse weather conditions, war, and threat of war, civil disturbance or acts of any local or national government. * The accommodation can only be occupied by those persons named at the time of booking or subsequently advised either in writing or by e-mail. If additional people are found to be in occupation, the supplier may terminate the contract immediately and require all occupants to leave or the extra persons will be charged accordingly. No refund shall be due in these circumstances. BABY COT AND EXTRA BEDS: * Most of our houses provide one baby cot .Please check with us should this required. Additionally we may supply camp beds suitable for children, which will be charged extra per day according to the property charges. DAMAGES & BREAKAGES: * Should any serious damage (other than every day wear and tear), be caused to the property or the contents, you will be required to arrange immediate reimbursement of the cost of repair or replacement directly with us, prior to the end of the holiday.