Ecophysis Experience

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Ecophysis Experience
01 Dec 2022
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Combining education and fun is the holy grail of family activities. Having the right amount of information and activity to keep all ages interested and engaged is not easy to achieve so it is worth discovering a small family run business offering beehive tours in Cyprus.

Ecophysis Bee & Nature Center nestled in the mountains just outside Larnaka is a nature lover’s paradise. They offer all ages the chance to learn about the intriguing world of honeybees in a way that few will ever experience: a unique hands¬-on tour of active, living beehives!

On arrival they show an informative video about the bees and the honey collection process. Then you are invited back outside to be kitted out by Ecophysis Director, Georgia Shoshilou and her team. There are beekeeper suits for every size, and everyone is checked carefully to ensure there are no gaps for a cheeky bee to sneak inside. A source of much amusement for the kids!

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Brunch is a highlight of the day with a fantastic, nutritious picnic style lunch served in the garden overlooking the mountainous views. All the produce is either grown on site or is local to the region including sheep anari cheese, halloumi cheese, tomatoes, village bread with olive oil and herbs, green and black olives, fresh seasonal fruits, lemonade, Cyprus coffee and herbal tea and of course lots and lots of honey. Plentiful and mouthwatering!

As well as the beehive tours you will enjoy there are other activities throughout the year such as beeswax candle making, frame making for the hives and a gastronomy tour tasting the local produce and honey.

Georgia and Costas set up Ecophysis 6 years ago with the aim or sharing the beauty and nature of Cyprus with visitors and locals alike and educating people about importance of the honeybees through their beehive tours. They wish to offer a unique experience that ‘adds a special dimension which we feel will stay with visitors after their holidays have passed’.

They certainly achieve this; the facilities are excellent and there are thoughtful details and touches everywhere all delivered by a very genuine and happy family team.

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