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The Winery cultivates and manages 21 hectares of vineyards all around the village of Koilani, in Limassol, at altitudes between 700 and 1100 meters. My decision to become a winemaker was a very easy one I must say. Most of the winemakers chose to go to France for their studies, while I decided to go against the flow and I chose to do my Postgraduate Degree at the University of California, UC Davis in the United States. I deliberately chose to go to the USA, since I wanted to get to know all the unconventional, modern, and alternative vinification processes and discover something different. And so I did. I returned from Davis in 1998 and I started working at the Cypriot vineyards, cultivating indigenous and international varieties. At the moment I manage my Winery and I also collaborate with other wineries as a consultant. In 2003 I found what I was looking for at Koloni area, a vineyard just outside the village of Kilani.

From the very first moment that I laid my eyes on the vineyards there, I knew that there it would be my base. My very own winery. And that was exactly what happened. The Winery was completed in 2012 by architect Heracles Papachristou, a good friend of mine. The building is characterized by an unconventional design which I was enthusiastic about from the very first moment that the decision was made: to create a modern winery with state-of-the-art equipment. The innovative and original design of Vlassides Winery was chosen to represent Cyprus at the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015. My studies at Davis defined the way I make my wines.

I want each wine to be characterized by the variety’s aromas and fruit. I am not into overripe wines where vanilla or intense barrel aromas mask that magical grape essence. This doesn’t mean that I am not using barrels or that my wines do not mature with time. On the contrary. I invested in the vineyards from the beginning, knowing that the raw materials-grapes- must be in excellent condition to achieve what I had in mind for my wines. Today my vineyard consists of 21 hectares, with many varieties. My colleagues, the people who are with me every step of the way are directly connected with the success of my work.


Detailed winery & vineyard tour Organized tours at the Winery include a detailed presentation of the winemaking procedures from the vineyard to the tank, and then to the barrel. The tour lasts from 30 to 40 minutes, at €12 per person. You can enjoy this tour with a wine tasting of 4 current vintage wines. For an alternative wine tasting experience, get more details at the “Tasting Options” section accordingly.


Along with Sophocles Vlassides himself as your personal guide, you can visit the vineyard of the estate, see the wine production areas and experience a wine tasting accompanied by the winemaker. You can additionally enjoy experimental wines, older and current vintages, straight from the barrels. Enjoy this wine tasting with selected cheeses. The duration of the wine tour is approximately 90 minutes, at €50 per person. Available during opening hours, only by appointment at groups of four people or more.

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